Thai Kick Boxing sports

Muay Thai Boxing

Thai kickboxing is probably the most popular spectator sport in Thailand. Almost anything goes both in the ring and the stands. If you want to watch a Muay Thai fight night there are Boxing stadiums all over the country. The wild musical accompaniment, the ceremonial beginning to each match, along with the devastating martial arts action will make it a night to remember. Horizon Thai Boxing Camp promotes monthly Thai fight nights at our boxing stadium in Ban Tai on Koh Phangan island in southern Thailand. If you want to learn Muay Thai kickboxing you are welcome to join our  Thai Martial art training camp at Haad Tien bay any time.

Kraabi Krabong

This traditional Thai martial art focuses on hand-held weapons techniques in conjunction with Thai boxing techniques. Displays can be seen at festivals and tourist venues. You can learn Kraabi Krabongn during your stay in Thailand. We hold occasional Kraabi Krabong seminars at the Camp.

Sepak Takraw

Another sport indigenous to Thailand is Sepak Takraw, a variant of volleyball played with the feet and a light rattan ball. There are several versions of the game with different rules. In the south of Thailand the game is played with a net. Only the feet and head are permitted to touch the ball. It is amazing to see players perform aerial pirouhettes, spiking the ball over the net with their feet.

Volley Ball

Volleyball is a sport in which two teams, separated by a high net, hit a ball back and forth over the net using only their hands. Each team has a maximum of three hits to get the ball back over the net to the other team. A point is scored if the ball hits the ground in the opponents' court. A team of Katoey (ladyboys) volleyball players made headlines in Thailand when they started a meteoric rise through the national championships. Two films have been made about their exploits. There are beach volleyball competitions at many tourist spots.


Professional football in Thailand is in its infancy, although the English Premiership has a surprisingly large following. Most viallges young men will kick a ball around before sunsets. Organised competitions on Koh Phangan.